Wooden Kids-Playhouse Axi «IRIS» Comic-style Children Playhouse on stilts

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Wooden Kids-Playhouse Axi «IRIS» Comic-style Children Playhouse on stilts

Contents of delivery: Children's play house Including small Veranda Including 3 steps ladder Including slide, 120cm Including 4 windows Including 1 door Messurements: Room needed: W 285 x L 193 x H 229 cm Inner size: W 111 x L 113 x H 161 cm Material: Wood - 100% FSC certified Wood from a carefully managed plantation and grown sustainably. Protecting water-based glaze - protection against insect infestation, rot and decay. Walls: Preassembled Elements, made of 14 mm thick cedar-panels & a frame of 38 mm (Leisten) - These prefabricated walls make the playhouse simple in structure and are also stable and robust and thus hold even heavy loads. Includes for free: Veranda - at the small (60 cm tef) veranda, a small slide is attached. Slide (120 cm) - who, as a child, didn't love slides? Windows and doors: 2x windows (in the side walls) transparent plastic can be opened holds close with a magnet 1x window (in the back wall) made of wood Can be opened holds close with a magnet 1x window (in the front wall next to the door) transparent plastic cannot be opened 1x door made of wood including a transparent plastic window height of the door: 97 cm Time for assembly: ca. 120 minutes - because of the great structure and brilliantly created, pre assembled parts, the assembly of the complete house can be done real quick. WE HAVE TESTED THIS OURSELVES AND WERE AMAZED HOW EASY THIS IS. Guarantee: Certified by the German TÜV
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